Outside Events

In the materials you received about our reunion events, we neglected to mention that we will likely be outside on both Friday and Saturday nights. We're trying to notify all attendees so you may get a duplicate of this email if you're subscribed to the EFA email list.

Legends (Friday) - For those of you not familiar with this venue, it has a mix of indoor, covered outdoor and open outdoor areas so please check the forecast as the date approaches and keep that in mind when you dress for the event as we have been experiencing a cool spell lately. Once their Friday fish fry business tails off, there will be additional indoor seating.

The Hill Top (Saturday) - They have planned our event for their outdoor tent. It has side curtains all around and a wood floor. They have a couple small heaters and say that, with the number of people we're going to have, the forecast temps (we're in a cool spell) shouldn't be a problem. If the forecast changes drastically, they may choose to move us indoors but we will have less room. They will decide whether or not to use the tent a couple days before, but please check the forecast as the date approaches and take this into consideration as you dress for the event. If we are moved indoors, we will inform you via email.

Two other quick notes for those attending the Saturday night event:

1. we will have a memorabilia table set up so please bring along anything you'd like to display and share

2. as suggested earlier, bring along your yearbook so you can have it re-signed.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

The Reunion Committee