June 25, 2017

Post date: Jun 25, 2017 6:29:56 PM

What activities are you participating in your retirement? Let's add some ideas.

Join a Yoga class

AARP has an awesome Special Yoga Report to help get you started or if you are an experienced Yogi. Read these many benefits from Yoga as you age. From my experience Yoga is excellent at improving balance, coordination, developing confidence, and strengthening the core but not so much for losing weight. The trick is to start slow but be persistent and develop a routine. You may have to experiment to find the right class and teacher for you. It is about continual, self-improvement no matter where you start and how much you progress from week to week (or whatever frequency you commit to). This Yoga for Living Flipboard is a collection of related online articles.

Take courses online

Free or low cost online courses have become increasingly popular and provide a great opportunity to learn something new including becoming more experienced with technology. Most courses only required a web browser and a reasonably fast Internet connection. I took a (free) course offered by FutureLearn.com and found the experience rewarding. You can browse courses and sign up to joinany. There is no obligation to finish or keep up with the work if you find the course does not meet your needs. A new $90 MasterClass.comcourse that will be offered in the fall: Dr. Jane Goodall Will Teach an Online Course About Conserving Our Environment .