Class Notes Archive

November 2, 2002 Lunch

We shared memories and fun with some of the finest graduates of EFA yesterday, during lunch at Charlies. We are confirming addresses and the postcards are ready to go. Joe Fahs and Jim Baker have agreed to represent our class of 67 with finanical accountability. Please let us know if you can think of anyone we may have missed?
December 7 at noon for the final meeting for this year. July 03 will be here soon.

Where Charlie's Cafe, on Hoffman St., Elmira

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love, Chris Jankowski-Miller

October 5, 2002 Lunch

Hello members of EFA68 & EFA67,

We had a very good turnout for today's "lunch/meeting".  I'd like to thank all that could come

Class of '68 included:  Joan Dimon, Trina Colunio, Dave Fife, Barb Moak, Sandy Burt, Elaine Hart, Marleah Haflett, and Cindy Perry.

Class of '67 included:  Chris Jankowski, Janet Swezey, JIm Baker, Sherry Sutton, Joe Fahs, and Dee Dee Schacter.

A lot was discussed, and I do believe the Class of '67 is on the road to finding their classmates to invite to our "combined reunion".  Joan Dimon has done a great job at attaining donations from area businesses to be used as "Door Prizes" at our Saturday night dinner. Janet Swezey is working hard at verifying email addresses for the class of '67 also.  She'll be sending out "personal emails" to all "current" email addresses soon. 

Next scheduled meeting/lunch is:  Nov. 2, Noon, at Charlie's Cafe on Hoffman Street.  I'll be posting it on the calendar at the EFA68 site, and I'm sure Chris will be sending out "reminder notices" to the EFA67 group also.

Take care everyone....and feel free to write to me personally with any questions you may have:

Kathy Dunn
EFA '68

September 7, 2002 Lunch

Where Charlie's Restaurant, on Hoffman St., Elmira.

Bob Mehalick is visiting from Texas and will be there.

Volunteers are needed so please help us with planning and putting together committees.

Next reunion

Heights American Legion - April 27 at 8:00 p.m.

We will be getting together on 4/27 at the American Legion in Elmira Heights, instead of having lunch. The band "Sunshine" is playing and they will be playing next year at the joint 67 & 68 reunion. Hope you all can make it!

Interest for Summer Gathering
We also thought that we could get together this summer, if there is interest. July 27, Horseheads Elks or a local establishment from 4 - 10 PM. (Socializing, Music and Food). Please email me if there is interest, or ideas on a get together and I will make the arrangements. Thank you and have a great day!